New issue of the “Innovations and Practices”


Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that a new issue of the “Innovations and Practices” magazine dedicated to dentists and dental clinic workers has been released. The main topic of the issue was the actively discussed topic of using technologies based on artificial intelligence in the work of doctors: we examined the capabilities and limitations of AI and collected the opinions of Russian specialists.

In the magazine, you will find plenty of useful information on modern technologies: in implantology, therapy, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry and many other areas. As well as topics relevant to clinic managers: medical marketing trends, handling patient reviews, review of useful mobile applications for clinics and much more.

We also talk about important dates. This year marks 40 years since the creation of the prototype of the first RadioVisioGraph (RVG). It was released by Trophy Radiology, France (which was later acquired by Carestream Dental). The device embodied the idea of one of a dental faculty student. This marked the beginning of digital dental diagnostics and was a real breakthrough. On the pages of the magazine you can see the infographics on how a step further into the future became possible.

You can find the online version of the new issue on our website

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