No Longer a Fantasy


Every year the dental industry is becoming more and more innovative. We want to share with you the latest technology that will make going to the dentist not only efficient, but also pleasant.


In the near future, it will be possible to examine your teeth for decay or gum disease in the comfort of your own home. Chinese scientists have developed a mouthguard that will detect issues in the oral cavity with high accuracy. It is possible because of the device’s ability to react to volatile hydrogen sulfur compounds emitted by bacteria that breed in areas where food residues accumulate. Sulfur is released precisely when microorganisms begin to destroy teeth enamel or gums. A fluorescent cap should be worn for seven hours, after which it will be possible to look at the result: harmful bacteria accumulate in places where the fluorescence has ceased. Then it is time to visit the dentist.


Scientists have finally figured out what tooth decay is. It turns out that holes in the teeth are caused by bacteria living in the biofilm, and it is these bacteria that destroy enamel. Studies have shown that if calcium and fluoride are delivered to the damaged area in time, tooth decay will disappear. For this purpose, British specialists have developed the EAER technology – electrically accelerated and enhanced remineralization. First, the damaged tooth is cleaned, then the necessary minerals are delivered to the damaged area, and these minerals are activated in a person’s saliva, this process results in the restoration of the tooth. Scientists claim that in about three years the traditional drilling and filling of teeth will be a thing of the past. They simply will be meaningless. The new treatment method promises to be painless and inexpensive.


A super invention for relieving anxiety and stress during dental treatment. Now you can lie in the dental chair while enjoying, for example, your favorite movie. The process is as follows: before treatment begins, the doctor puts virtual reality glasses on the patient. Therefore, instead of staring at the ceiling with a tense face and suffering from stress, the person is now calmly watching the video. In this case it is good for both participants in the treatment. The doctor is not distracted by the patient’s fears and anxieties and calmly conducts treatment. Meanwhile, the patient shifts the focus and does not pay attention to the medical procedures. Most importantly, do not include a video game in the glasses.


Dental Button was invented in America. The creators claim that this device will help patients stop worrying during dental treatment. This bright red button is integrated into the dental chair and is placed near the patient. The patient can press it at any time after feeling pain or discomfort. In this case, the doctor will stop the procedure immediately. Studies have shown that Dental Button reduces fear and anxiety by 80 percent. Scientists believe that this effect occurs precisely because of the patient’s feeling of control over the process. Doctors are also satisfied with the button. A calm patient is more amenable to treatment; anxiety provokes the release of adrenaline, delaying the action of anesthetics.


Leading companies in digital technology and innovative dental products have teamed up to create the world’s first device that can deliver photos and videos directly from the patient’s oral cavity to a tablet. The dental mirror works with Wi-Fi support, so it can take pictures in real time during treatment and transfer footage to any digital device. It is reported that the mirror looks like an ordinary one, it is distinguished only by an integrated camera. This device was created not so much for doctors as for patients, who will now be able to clearly see what is actually in their mouths and get a record of the treatment. The dental mirror is scratch-resistant, non-fogging, has 12x magnification and adjustable brightness.