R.O.C.S Autumn New Products


Tongue brush, single-bundle toothbrush, toothpaste for orthodontic, orthopedic and other intraoral structures (including implants, crowns, veneers)

R.O.C.S. PRO Lingua  Tongue Brush

Most oral microorganisms accumulate on the root of the tongue, which can be a risk of respiratory tract infections (nasopharynx and lungs), cause bad breath, and provide a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, including cariogenic ones.

Convenient and easy to use, this brush is ideal for removing plaque from the surface of the tongue (including the root of the tongue). Regular use of a tongue brush reduces the amount of microbial plaque on the tongue surface.

Developed with the participation of dentists.

R.O.C.S. PRO Lingua  Tongue Brush

R.O.C.S. PRO MONO Single  Bundle Toothbrush

The new brush is a great addition to your daily home care routine for the beauty and health of your teeth, cleaning gently and effectively!

The spherical shape of the bundle trim prevents excessive pressure on the gingival papillae. An individual hygienic cap protects the bundle from external influences.

The toothbrush is ideal for cleaning in case of bite anomalies (teeth crowding), during orthodontic treatment, tooth replacement, and especially in case of incomplete tooth eruption.

R.O.C.S. PRO MONO Single  Bundle Toothbrush

R.O.C.S. PRO Implants  Toothpaste

Modern toothpaste R.O.C.S.  PRO Implants belongs to the group of professional special products for effective oral healthcare in special conditions.

In the case of R.O.C.S.  PRO Implants, these conditions are various orthodontic, prosthetic and other intraoral structures (including implants, crowns, veneers). These constructions make it very difficult to clean the teeth comprehensively, which can cause gum inflammation, cavities, etc.

The R.O.C.S.® PRO formula has been further developed in the WDS research laboratory to create a new high-performance toothpaste that not only removes plaque, but also whitens enamel, soothes gum inflammation, keeps your breath fresh and normalizes oral microflora. To improve the composition of the toothpaste, titanium dioxide (TiO2) has been excluded as a component that does not affect the properties of the product.

R.O.C.S. PRO Implants  Toothpaste