Workshop for Dental Surgeons and Orthopedists


On December 3, a workshop for dental surgeons and dental orthopedists organized by UNIDENT was held in Moscow at the Refformat Educational Center.

The topic “Implant Rehabilitation of Patients with Complete Lack of Teeth Supported by 4 and 6 Implants. Surgical Aspects. Immediate Loading of Implants” was presented by Sergei Mikhailovich Rozhnov, dental surgeon, periodontist, implantologist, chief physician and founder of the ImplantTime Center for Dental Implantology.

UNIDENT is the exclusive distributor of Swiss implant systems – SGS Dental Systems. SGS Dental is one of the few implant systems that has a unified orthopedic implant platform and a wide range of superstructure types and sizes — from gingiva shapers, transfers, angled abutments to 45−degree multi-units, allowing you to solve a huge range of clinical applications.

SGS Dental implant systems offer:

  • wide thread pitch for secure primary placement of the implant;
  • comfortable orthopedic components;
  • large selection of biocompatible abutments;
  • possibility of application in case of increased resorption of bone tissue.

We thank our colleagues for their interest and active involvement, and, certainly, we wish them success in their future work!