This year, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dental products – the American company Premier Dental – is celebrating its 110th anniversary. The age is more than respectable, but at the same time the company is not aging at all, its products are in high demand and confirm their high efficiency. What is the secret to such successful longevity?


One of the things that makes Premier Dental special is that the business has remained family-owned for many years. The founder of the company, Julius Charlstein, started his business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1913, and since then the family has not only successfully overcome all global and local crises, but also brought the company to a leading position in the market of the most modern, innovative products, which in addition successfully pass the main test – the test of time and, of course, the constant practice of many doctors and clinics around the world. The company is now led by the founder’s great-granddaughter, Julie Charlstein, a fourth-generation CEO. One of the most important secrets of Premier Dental is constant development, working ahead, not just on today’s problems. The company takes a comprehensive approach to both providing and improving its products and services, relying not only on its own research, but also on a vast, global network of partners: Premier Dental products are now used in 75 countries around the world. This year, Premier Dental didn’t just make the very prestigious annual list of the world’s 50 most innovative companies (according to Fast Company) that are setting standards and breaking new ground in their industries – in a separate Fast Company ranking of healthcare companies, the Charlestine family business made the top 10 list

JULIE CHARLSTEIN, Chief Executive Officer

– Premier Dental reaching its 110th anniversary is an absolutely monumental milestone. Such an age is hard to comprehend, especially when you think of this date in terms of the history of other companies: Premier Dental is older than Boeing, Kikkoman and Lincoln. This milestone has been achieved thanks to four generations of the Charlstein family and countless Premier Dental employees whose vision, dedication and passion have propelled the business forward through many stages of evolution. It continues to be our mission and honor to faithfully serve the dental community by creating inspiring solutions for everyday dentistry


How does Premier Dental help dentists and their patients? Let’s look at the example of one of the most well-known products of the company on the Russian market – RC-Prep gel. Root canal cleanings in dentistry are common, but by no means simple. Most root canals are irregularly shaped, their diameters differ in different directions, irregular branching and numerous lateral canals may be present. The problem is also complicated by the fact that the lateral canal orifices may be closed by calcium salt deposits, and the canals themselves are prone to such overgrowth, and expand them mechanically without damaging the rest of the tooth structure, it is not always and not for everyone possible. To solve this problem, medications are used to provide chemical cleaning and enlargement of the tooth canals.

RC-PREP is the most popular gel preparation on the market for chemical-mechanical expansion of obliterated, difficult to pass and branched root canals of teeth

There are many such medications on the modern market – both foreign and domestic production, but their effectiveness may differ markedly. In 2012, a comparative study of gels intended for chemical enlargement of tooth canals was conducted at the Department of Clinical and Pediatric Dentistry of the N.N. Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University. One of the results is shown in the graph to the left.

The use of RC-Prep gel from Premier Dental allowed to pass all root canals within 1-5 minutes from the beginning of enlargement, on average 2.6 minutes were spent per canal, which is significantly shorter than the time of action of the other agents involved in the study. RC-Prep, which is used in their daily practice by many leading dental clinics (including the UNIDENT network), has once again proved its high efficiency, which, in general, and not surprisingly

Premier Dental CEO Julie Charlstein shared her family business success with her book, “How to Run a Family Business and Succeed in the Face of Unexpected Crises, Decisions and Challenges,” which made The Wall Street Journal’s famous bestseller list and has become popular in more than just dental circles. The accumulated wisdom of a century of family wisdom and Julie’s own years of experience as a leader will be useful to many.


RC-Prep entered the market 40 years ago and in that time, according to the American Dental Association, has proven itself to be only the best.

– RC-Prep compares favorably with all currently available analogues in terms of effectiveness of action (which we have already considered in the graph above)

– It has a unique composition, having as active ingredients 15% ethylenediaminetetetraacetate and 10% peroxide in aqueous glycol solution.

This unique formula allows

  • quickly and effectively affect calcinosis deposits (EDTA dissolves calcium salts) during root canal treatment;
  • open up calcified orifices and detect them thanks to the abundant gassing – the effervescent effect with many oxygen bubbles produced by the decomposition of peroxide immediately shows the problem areas;
  •  whiten teeth and improve their shine by releasing free (including atomic) oxygen.

– The best effect is achieved when RC-Prep is combined with sodium hypochlorite solution – this increases the oxygen yield. Abundant gas formation helps to expand the canal, and take out of it all the excess – pulp tissue (both living and necrotized), sawdust of root dentin and other organic particles. The canal is additionally disinfected, and a comprehensive chemical and mechanical treatment helps to quickly clean and shape it for further tooth treatment work.

“These honours are really awesome. We’re on par with Spotify, Airbnb, and Chipotle! I am grateful to our hard-working team and partners. We look forward to what lies ahead!”

Julie Charlstein, CEO

– Premier Dental has taken care of a convenient form of release of the drug: RC-Prep is packaged in disposable syringes with a dose of 9 grams – necessary and sufficient to treat one canal. This form, in addition to clear and simple dosage, allows for reliable protection from infections, and after use, the syringe is fully autoclaved with the medication, which simplifies further disposal of the package and ensures the cleanliness of the workplace of the dentist. Premier Dental takes care of even these little things – because there is no such thing as an insignificant little thing in modern medicine!