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The pharmacy business in Russia has been actively growing for several decades: new chains are opening, new formats, medications and services are appearing. One of the most promising areas of pharmacy business is premium pharmacies. We asked Konstantin Tiunov, Director of Unifarma’s Commercial Affairs Department, to tell us what they are, who they are aimed at and how they are developing.

Константин Тиунов, директор департамента «Юнифарма» по коммерческим вопросам

— Konstantin, what product do people most often come to a premium pharmacy for?

— Mainly for goods for preventive health and beauty: vitamins, dietary supplements, products of foreign manufacturers. The demand for such a range has become especially high when most customers have almost lost the opportunity to order vitamins and dietary supplements directly from Europe and the USA, as it used to be.

And we also got such brands as Livs (Israel) and ChildLife (USA).

— What trends do you see today in the field of health care?

— We see that the trend for sports assortment is now being restarted. These are specific supplements, such as amino acid complexes: BCAA, L-carnitine, other products from the sports nutrition category. Healthy lifestyle and sports are becoming more and more popular, we have many visitors who are into triathlon, multi-sports, and various extreme sports.

The trend for sports ranges is now being re-launched. Healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more popular, we have many customers who are into triathlon, multi-sports, extreme sports

They are interested not only in dietary supplements, but also in fixation tapes and orthopedic medical products. The “beauty from within” trend is actively developing — food supplements that normalize intestinal microflora and help fight cosmetic problems of skin, hair and nails. And if earlier this category was represented mainly by products of European and Japanese manufacturers, then recently very interesting premium complexes of Russian production have appeared, with a good evidence base – the experience of research institutes.

аптеки юнифарма

— It turns out that today in Russia the market for dietary supplements is developing more actively than the market for therapeutic cosmetics?

— After Covid, hundreds and even thousands of new products have come on the market. But most of them are not some unique developments, but additives with the same formulations (sometimes with the same state registration certificate) under different brand names. At first glance, one might conclude that the market for dietary supplements is intensively developing, but this is not entirely true. Although it should be said that some Russian manufacturers have realized that it is no longer enough to release another vitamin D3 or magnesium, and have started to develop and bring to the market really unique products that are interesting to consumers. The market for therapeutic cosmetics doesn’t stand still either. Many well-known Russian brands create original premium products and are looking for opportunities to offer customers new technologies. Imports have also been actively developing recently, but now the focus is shifting from Europe to Asia, interesting cosmetic brands from Korea and Thailand are appearing.

— Do premium pharmacy customers have a demand for smart gadgets that help monitor their health?

— Yes, now customers have a demand for advanced devices, for example, automatic blood pressure monitors with the ability to monitor readings, record and send these readings to the attending physician. Also of interest are the so-called smart thermometers, various devices for automatic monitoring of temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. Our premium pharmacy offers only products that are medically certified, meet all quality standards and provide a high level of indications accuracy. We focus on devices with various additional features and competitive advantages that fulfill the requirements of our premium customers.

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Tatiana Vasina, marketing specialist of Unifarma chain

Offer the Best

The main advantage of conventional pharmacies is attractive prices for the mass consumers, just like in discounter stores. These pharmacies have a wide range of products and usually represent large chains with a well-recognized brand. And a premium pharmacy chain implies the highest level of service. That is why the premium pharmacy pays special attention to customer consulting services. We do not have the task of offering as many products as possible or imposing additional services. We must listen to the problem the visitor has and offer the best solution without regard to price.

Product Availability

Another feature of a premium pharmacy is product availability. For example, original medicines, imported dietary supplements, and cosmeceuticals are now increasingly difficult to find. But customers who have no budget restrictions are used to buying the best. They want to buy original medications, imported products. And we can provide this products by working with distributors and suppliers, direct contracts with manufacturers.

Some Russian manufacturers have realized that it is no longer enough to release another vitamin D3 or magnesium, and have started to develop and bring to the market really unique products that are interesting to consumers

Increased Requirements

Our customers are people who understand well what they need, value their time and attention to themselves, have increased requirements on the competence of employees and exclusivity of the assortment. They are used to receiving clear and at the same time comprehensive answers to all their queries and are willing to pay a higher price for service and the desired product.

Keep up with the Spirit of the Times

A premium pharmacy should not change its principles. If pharmacy chain organizers have decided to provide the best service, they need to carefully select, train and motivate staff. It’s a course that has to be followed no matter what. A premium pharmacy must keep up with the zeitgeist and implement technology solutions that automate and optimize the business.

Imports have been actively developing recently, but now the focus is shifting from Europe to Asia, interesting cosmetic brands from Korea and Thailand are appearing

Be Flexible

We must always be better than others: offer a wider range in a certain category, more imported goods. We need to be more flexible in working with smaller suppliers, analyze their range, fill shelves quickly, and find joint solutions to logistical and commercial issues. It is necessary to develop a loyalty program so that our customers get what they are used to in other service areas. We always keep our finger on the pulse, monitor all significant changes that occur around our target audience and follow the current trends.

Challenging segment of the pharmaceutical business

Premium pharmacies require more investment, effort and attention. But if you are dynamic, always ready to look for new opportunities where others see only problems, understand who your customers are, know how to listen and hear your employees, the chances of success are very high.

Text: Tatiana Gitun